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Episode #55: Counting Down to Shadowkeep (Part One)

Since our last show, we have enjoyed a few fun streams, but time for the Fireteam to sit down and edit episodes has been proving something of a challenge.

Now, after a rather hectic summer, the Fireteam returns with two shows this week on what Bungie has coming next month…

Welcome to Cross Save! Have you been enjoying it so far? The ushering in of this new approach to playing Destiny is all part of the countdown to Shadowkeep

…and with other things revealed over Director’s Cuts and TWABs, the Fireteam have a LOT to talk about with this expansion. Again.

Change is coming yet again, and two words continue to bounce across all comm channels: Cross Save. How about you? We would love to get your thoughts on Cross Save and what you are looking forward to on Shadowkeep. Drop us a line at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com.

00:00 — Episode #055: Counting Down to Shadowkeep (Part One)

  • The Iron Banner is having its way with Tee as it evident by his Aggretsuko drop-in…
  • Thank you, Gnarly Nerd Clothing, for completing the trifecta for Tee!
  • You like what we are wearing? Use the code “happyhour” at checkout, and knock off 10% from your order.
  • People are digging the Gnarly Nerd gear.
  • What have we been up to for the past two months?
    • Brandon: Solstice Gear acquired, Wayfarer title acquired, and Cross Save enabled.
    • Nick: Returning to Destiny on the date of a release! Solstice Gear acquired (despite some IT issues), Bad Juju acquired,
    • Brandon’s in a mood.
    • Tee: MMXIX seal acquired after a weekend of raiding, Solstice Gear acquired, Mara Sov visited (but no lore?), and Cross Save enabled.
  • Tee and Steve “The Blind Gamer” Saylor are celebrating the one-year anniversary of Blind Leading the Blind with the release of Shadowkeep.
  • Welcome to the Age of Cross Save
    • Tee now runs with Rei Sommerset alongside his daughter.
    • Brandon is playing with his original characters with PC friends now.
    • So why play on console now?
    • What happens to Clan numbers?
    • The up’s and down’s and pro’s and con’s of Cross Save
    • And Tee thought he hated the Black Armory on the PS4…
    • Brandon is not of fan of Crucible on PC.
  • What we are helping Blind Gamer Steve (with the help of Chavez) work for in Blind Leads the Blind: A Moments of Triumph tee-shirt.
  • Okay, everyone, let’s unpack all the news that we’ve been given by Bungie…
  • Community Challenge: Mars
    • Defeat 175,000 Escalation Protocol Wave 7 Bosses
    • Defeat 300 Million Hive on Mars
    • Defeat Xol 100,000 times.
    • Defeat Nokris 100,000 times.
    • Use 300,000 Override Frequencies
    • Spoiler Alert: On September 7…
  • Nick is convinced this challenge is for the month of September…little does he know….
  • We still hate Strange Terrain.
  • Okay, myth confirmed: we’re spending a week on Mars!
  • Concerning Luke Smith’s Director’s Cuts
    • Yep, this game is an MMO, not a FPS 9but it is…you know what I mean…oh, just shut up and play!)
    • A quick aside on developers, Patriot Act with Hasan Minaj, video editing, and respect for the makers behind video games — we love you guys and gals. Please. Take a moment, and thank you!
    • Making a choice between Gambit and Gambit Prime
  • We haven’t even scratched the surface, so let’s take a break and work on getting through these copious notes of Nick’s.

30:58 — Gnarly Nerd Clothing

32:14 — Episode #55: Counting Down to Shadowkeep (Part One)

  • Picking up the Gambit v Gambit Prime discussion again…
  • Keep your developers happy!
  • Other things we will see coming to Shadowkeep
    • Interface changes, particularly for PC players
    • Take care, Tess. We will miss you…
    • Concerning Silver and how we’re handling the in-game currency
    • Summing up Nick with an Aggretsuko drop-in
    • How ornaments and other Silver purchases pay for expansions
    • Some more love for the Bungie developers
  • Let’s talk about the hiccup that was the Black Armory. Great weapons, bitchen armor, buuuuuuut…..
  • Praise Team Velveeta!
  • Talking about the Menagerie
    • Wait a minute, Tee is a sherpa for ZGphoto?
    • Nick was introduced to Menagerie when Blackout was the mod.
  • Armor 2.0: What we’re looking forward to in Shadowkeep
  • Oh yes, we are bleeding over to a second show.
  • What else is changing?
    • Power Cap is changing and we are going to be all at 750 Power when Shadowkeep drops
    • Enemies are now vulnerable. Period.
    • Two Destiny maps will be returning: Twilight Gap and Widow’s Court
  • As we have been talking about updates ad big reveals…

50:12 — Comms from the Tower

  • How about that throwback to Dinklebot?
  • Remember friend of the show, TD0013?
    • In that interview, he was working on a cosplay of Titan armor from Iron Banner: Year One.
    • Well, Guardians, here’s Version 1…
Special thanks to LowBattery for the photos!
  • Remember all the detailing we featured in the interview? It really works in the final cosplay.
  • Awesome work, TD0013! You nailed it!
  • Thrall fight dirty.

54:45 — Wrapping Up

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