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Episode #56: Counting Down to Shadowkeep (Part Two)

No, you’re not seeing things! It’s a bonus episode!!! The Fireteam returns with Part Two of our countdown to Shadowkeep!

In our previous show, we touched base on a few things like Cross Save and changes to armor, all part of the countdown to Shadowkeep

…and with other things revealed over Director’s Cuts and TWABs, the Fireteam have a LOT to talk about with this expansion. Again. So if you missed Part I or missed the live recording of the podcast…

…we are back during our week off to cover more about this highly anticipated DLC from Bungie. How about you? We would love to get your thoughts on Cross Save and what you are looking forward to on Shadowkeep. Drop us a line at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com.

00:00 — Episode #056: Counting Down to Shadowkeep (Part Two)

  • Thanks for the intro, Uldren Sov!
  • It’s such a crazy ride when we record.
  • No need to catch up as this is the second hour of a recording session about Shadowkeep. Let’s get to it…
  • Tee needs an education on Armor Elements. Whether it is External Memory in Chat or Brandon that will educate him, that remains to be seen.
  • Nick has been promoted to Fireteam Leader, so follow him to glory…
  • Another shout out to our new favorite development team, Team Velveeta!
  • The biggest takeway from what’s being tested at Bungie: There are a lot of things being worked on to make an even playing field for everyone.
  • Brandon’s still in a mood.
  • Shout-out to Joy Ozmanski!
  • Looking ahead to the Seasons, and not seeing something you like? That’s okay — buy seasons when you want them.
  • So why pick up a season?
    • Well, can you wait for some of these new, powerful weapons?
    • Seasonal Artifacts
    • Season Pass Ranks — Free or Premium? There are pros and cons for both.
    • A few thoughts on the Solstice Armor
  • Brandon and Nick are excited about Finishers. Tee? Not so sure. He needs some schooling, so…
    • First lesson: What does a Finisher really cost you?
    • Second Lesson: Perks with Exotics and Finishers
    • Third Lesson: Come on, Tee, they look COOL.
  • Happy Hour from the Tower launches their first ever poll. Here are the results:

26:19 — The Shared Desk

27:18 — Episode #56: Counting Down to Shadowkeep (Part Two)

  • We’re back to talk about Shadowkeep…and bitching about Mercury.
  • Let’s see this year’s Festival of the Lost on the Moon. Please.
  • How much of all this change is Bungie being on its own?
  • Speculation about the Season of Dawn…and it’s Brandon who pulls us back on point.
  • New Light — what is it?
    • Coming October 1, our past comes back to literally haunt us.
    • New Light is an invitation for new players to join all of us Guardians. And it’s free.
    • It’s a return to the original mission, unlocking all the previous content and the opening mission of Shadowkeep.
    • And your tutorial is the very first mission from Destiny.
  • Did you know, on October 1, Moon’s haunted?
    • What we have to look forward to when the DLC launches…
    • A departure on bows, and how much Tee loves bows.
    • Hey —a new, exotic…Hand Cannon. Yay.
    • Teasing us with Vex
    • Premium tracks include ornament sets, finishers, and the Nightmare Hunt.
    • A new dungeon is coming. And Tee is counting down…
  • We’re all okay with waiting until October 1.
  • And since the guys are talking about D1, it’s time to haze Tee over his potato aim…
  • Nick Kelly is a Note Talking Machine!!!
  • Brandon shares a bit of news from PAX West about the Widow’s Court promo…
  • Weapons that are coming back…and some new ones that we are looking forward to.

50:44 — Wrapping Up

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