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Episode #58: Looking Back on 2019

We are back for more fun in 2020!

After something of a break in 2019 with the holidays (and getting up and pulling down Christmas lights), Tee, Nick, and Brandon are back to talk about the Season of Dawn.

You can enjoy the unedited show and extra content here:

There has been a lot to do with the Season of Dawn, and the guys have been carving out time between holidays and personal schedules to play Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and Bungie’s latest season. We’re spending the show both looking at the Season of Dawn and our year on the podcast.

So what did you think of the Season of Dawn so far? Do you have a favorite memory from Happy Hour from the Tower in 2019? Share with the Fireteam at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com and we will share your thoughts on the podcast!

Episode #058: A Look Ahead at the Season of Dawn

  • Wake up Brandon!
  • It’s weird not being at MAGFest…
    • …and here’s why Tee is NOT attending MAGFest.
    • …and here’s why the Kellys aren’t attending MAGFest.
  • Nick can be a bad, bad man….
  • One more tangent on The Witcher, Henry Cavill, and the brilliant cameramen of film and television…
  • The Season of Dawn so far…
    • The new season from our Titan’s perspective
    • The Grind of Osiris
    • Brandon identifies the glitch concerning the EDZ Obelisk
    • Brandon’s favorite missions of all time in Destiny: the Saint-14’s missions
  • “Everything’s ridiculous about Titans.”
  • Still no word from Fenchurch.
  • Nick shares a “behind the scenes” on Saint-14’s dialogue tree.
  • Bungie and their sense of humor
  • From Tee’s POV, the Sundial is like the Strikes Playlist — always more fun with friends.
  • Big question about Saint-14: Isn’t this screwing with the space-time continuum?
  • AT THE BREAK: This Kaiju Life
  • Nick wants to spend a little time about timegating in Destiny.
  • “Trust in Bundy.” — Tee (Oh, dear God…)
  • Looking back on 2019
    • The “Back” Armory
    • Nick and Brandon meet Courtenay Taylor
    • A bit of a talk on the Black Armory and what we think about it
  • TheBigMarvinski‘s New Light School: SIGN UP HERE!
  • Looking back on 2019 (again!)
  • …and thoughts on Forsaken in comparison to Forsaken.
  • One last push with 2019
    • Season of the Undying
    • ….and closing thoughts on this incredible game.

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