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Episode#61: The Three Towers

Welcome to the stream and to the show. The Fireteam returns to give a few thoughts on their minds about recent events in Destiny 2. Some of it good, but other parts of it…

It has been two weeks of Guardian Games dominated by the much-aligned Titans, and Warlocks and Hunters have dined on Crow pie as the “Crayon Eaters” swept through the first-ever Destiny Olympics. The innagural Guardian Games were met with both jubilation and criticism, but much like the storytelling of the Games in the midst of a Cabal “Hail, Mary!” and the approaching Darkness, the return of “The Usual Grind” has been somewhat clumsy. While the Fireteam usually stand up for Bungie, there are some course corrections that need to be addressed.

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Episode #061: The Three Towers

  • The COVID-19 approach is taking hold with the Fireteam. We do miss being in studio though,
  • What’s been going on?
    • Nick loving the time with B and Tee alongside Steve Saylor.
    • Brandon Rocks out with Warframe and Apex in-between times in Destiny.
    • And there’s Tee, doing his best to GIT TO DA COPPAH!!!
  • Arnold returns to old Hunting Grounds as Dutch in recently announced DLC for Predator: Hunting Grounds
  • What is happening TONIGHT
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  • Steve Saylor and I are taking BLIND LEADS THE BLIND to LogitechG’s Twitch channel 7PM ET ON MAY 21 to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day!!! (Use #GAAD2020 or #GAAD in social media!)
  • Nick Kelly takes a Victory Lap following this year’s Guardian Games
  • The Guardian Games are fun and all, but Tee’s not getting this storytelling narrative, as mentioned here…
  • Yes, Brandon, you know video games; but Tee’s the Carl Sagan of this Fireteam.
  • There’s a weird timing for Destiny content around Spring, the Fireteam finds.
  • Let’s talk about the Seraph Towers, shall we? Tee is just going to say this…
  • Turns out a few Guardians really don’t care for the Towers either.
  • Then someone did the math, and it would take months apart from a days.
  • Bungie does a course correction that gave a few whiplash…
  • …and even that course correction drew fire.
  • Tee says it again: He HATES the Seraph Towers. And here’s why… [RANT INCOMING!]
  • Brandon also has a frustration to voice when it comes to Triumphs.
  • For the record, this happened yesterday…
A BIG thank you to TheBigMarvinski for helping me out with this!
  • What was different between the other two Community Events, and this one: VARIETY

24:54 — Gnarly Nerd Clothing
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26:21 — Episode #061: The Three Towers

  • Nick gives a little fanboi love through The Expanse and ties it into Destiny.
  • Nick asks “Was the bar from the Seraph Towers set where it initially was on account of the Mars event?”
  • Tee has a revelation about Bungie’s reaction to GLADD (and other elite streamers) and the reaction to the Seraph Challenge…
Mythic Quest nails it, once again!
  • Are we developing games by committee now?
  • Why not let the Community fail? Perhaps we should so we can see what the fallout will be.
  • #NotAllRandos but consider those loose cannons in the community, and who is really designing the game?
  • What about dealing with consequences? Like in the BioShock series?
  • Brandon has never gone into Trials…even though he is a beast in the Crucible.
  • The Fireteam loves Community Events. Just not this one.

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