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Episode #64: Hard Talk from the Tower

Be brave, Guardians. We believe you.

No breaks.

One shot.

Speaking from a place of raw honesty.

After an unexpected one-hour rant on Tee’s stream, Tee reached out to the fireteam and set up this recording that is both on topic (sadly) about current events in the Destiny community.

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00:00 — Episode #064: Hard Talk from the Tower

  • It’s starting off like any other Happy Hour, but give us a few minutes…
  • A quick look at the Season of Arrivals
    • Brandon is extremely happy with the new content. It’s a step in the right direction.
    • Nick was not ready for this conversation, but we should talk a bit about Destiny.
    • Tee’s thoughts on the new Prophecy dungeon
  • Two weeks of tumultuous events in the Destiny community
  • DISCLAIMER: We are three straight white guys talking about sexual harassment. Yes, we know this.
  • That being said, we’re going to talk about this subject matter because we have to.
  • A few thoughts before we move forward on this…
    • No victim blaming or shaming. We believe you.
    • We’re flawed.
    • Brandon brings a unique perspective on this discussion.
    • This is not your normal Happy Hour from the Tower episode.
Brandon and Tee at GuardianCon 2018
Tee’s Last of Us stream starts off with a hard talk from Twitch Dad
  • It’s been a pretty intense month, let’s be honest.
    • Pride Month
    • Black Lives Matter
    • …and then all this happens in the Destiny community.
  • Nick emphasizes the importance of communication and overcoming the fear of what victims are feeling.
  • Brandon offers a younger perspective to what has been unfolding within the gaming community.
  • Tee’s trigger: Notoriety Management
    • Tee recalls his time as an actor…
    • …and how it segues into his experience as a podcaster, back in 2006-2008.
    • The ease of buying into your own hype
  • A response to the streamer that sounds like “Reams Hard” — Last time I checked, it’s my responsibility not to force myself into a woman’s personal space.
  • If you need help, check out the Discord server run by Guardians MH.
  • Nick recalls his own struggle with notoriety during his hard rocker days…
Nick’s still got it…but it’s got a lot more self-control.
  • When Tee noticed the patterns…
    • Tee has some fun at Renaissance fairs…and that was a problem.
    • True confessions from the science fiction convention circuit
    • Slowing the rock and roll, and steering clear of the Old School
  • Nick echoes the change in his own approach to the world when ascending to parenthood.
  • How do you learn better behavior and avoiding your own hype?
  • Wishing some serious love towards Reams Hard.
  • The Importance of Owning It
    • Phrase we need to stop saying: “But you have to understand”
    • You are truly sorry if you work to make sure it doesn’t happen again
    • Brandon on breaking your own programming.
    • Tee’s story from JMU Marching Royal Dukes days and another phrase we need to stop saying: “Boys will be boys.”
  • Freedom of Speech is NOT Freedom of Accountability or Responsibility
  • If anyone has a “responsibility” it is us as an audience as we are enabling and empowering dangerous individuals.
  • Recognizing bad situations, and how “phoning a friend” (even the ones in New Zealand) can save you.
  • Wise words from the Doctor of Twitch.
  • The responsibility of possessing a viable platform
  • Why not be like Markiplier? Why not be more like Steve Saylor? Is it harder to do? Yes, but the end result is worth it all.
  • Action items: What we can do to be better Guardians?
  • Being better is not easy but it’s going to be worth it.
  • Be Brave, Guardians.

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