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Episode #65: A Look at Raids and Dungeons from D2

Last Wish
Brandon’s is en route. Finally.

It was five raids in five days for Tee and Brandon, along with two dungeons between recordings. That’s why the Fireteam assembles this week with a look at the various raids and dungeons offered up by Team Bungie since the dropping of Destiny 2 in 2017.

EDITOR’S NOTE: You might notice the first fifteen minutes of the stream is silent. As penance for playing electronica at the beginning of our stream, Twitch silenced the beginning of Episode 65. An intro was put together from the opening of two previous shows.

Audio skills, baby…

Nick is not one for the manic energy of the raid, but Tee and Brandon cannot get enough of the endgame event; and this is why it’s something they love to run and they genuinely enjoy doing. Even with the massive push of getting the “No Power in the Verse Can Stop Me” emblem (We see what you did there, Bungie.), Tee and Brandon are ready to go again.

What do you think of Raids and Dungeons? Do you go for the challenges, the lore, or the social aspect of it? Share with us your thoughts at 703.791.1701, at, or in the Comments below.

00:00 — Episode #065: A Look at Raids and Dungeons from D2

  • Before Tee can get in a word about the plan for today’s show, Nick comes in with the derail…
    • Our girl Amanda levels up!
    • Vin Diesel and Grant Bowler, also with the Level Up! Happy birthday, guys!
  • Brandon launches us into the show with defining what a Raid is.
    • A Dungeon is like a Raid, but only half in length of what a Raid is. Particularly in Fireteam size.
    • Shout-out to the design of the Prophecy.
    • Raids are a Fireteam of 6. Dungeons are three Guardians.
  • Tee’s biggest challenge with a Raid: organizing a Fireteam of six.
  • A look between Destiny and Destiny 2
    • Tee has been raiding since Destiny, but was not comfortable with them until Eater of Worlds in Destiny 2.
    • Raids in D1 could be soloed, not that they were designed to do so.
    • Raid Lairs are a more compact version of a Raid, and (maybe) easier to get a team together.
  • A minor gripe: The Leviathan was cool…the first go-round.
  • The Raids of Destiny
    • The Vault of Glass (Brandon’s Favorite)
    • King’s Fall
    • Crota’s End
    • Wrath of the Machine (Tee’s Favorite)
  • The Raids of Destiny 2
    • The Leviathan
    • Eater of Worlds
    • Spire of Stars
    • The Last Wish
    • Scourge of the Past
    • Crown of Sorrow
    • Garden of Salvation
  • Did Marv want to get a team together to return to Wrath?
  • The anticipation for the VoG return and the creeping burnout around the Garden
    • Visit iLulu for open slots in her continuing raid schedules
    • Brandon is not keen on “Vex Gambit” but DAT ARMOR…
  • Favorite Boss and Favorite Mechanic in the Raids?
    • Tee’s Favorite Mechanic: The Witch’s Blessing
    • Crown of Sorrow is intimidating for Tee, but if he can run it with ThermalWolff, he’s in.
    • Why you want Brandon as your wingman
    • Brandon’s favorite boss: Galron (also from Crown of Sorrows)
    • Brandon’s Favorite Mechanic: The Final Boss Fight in Spire of Stars
    • Tee’s Favorite Boss: Riven from The Last Wish (his favorite raid)
  • Quick shout-out to ResonantMoon and their take on Destiny 2:
  • What’s the appeal of a raid? Is it the story being told, or the encounter?
    • For epic encounters, there’s Eater of Worlds.
    • A minor gripe: the “Big Reveal” of Leviathan
    • Delving into the storytelling of Destiny
  • Who is the Guardian that holds an influence over you in raiding?
    • Brandon: (And color your podcast host surprised.)
    • Tee: His first sherpa, ZGphoto.
  • As for that Miami Vice reference, take a look here…
  • When good raids go bad: The “Don’t Shoot Into My Tether” Raid v Tee’s First-Ever Vault of Glass run.
    • It started with Danfinity taking the clan into Eater of Worlds
    • The importance of quality comms and what NOT to do.
    • The fallout was epic…but Tee got a lot of love afterward.
    • Lessons learned from the misadventures in Raids
  • How ZG got me back into a raid, and taught me why I love these activities so much.

44:15 — Ritual Motion
(Use the above link to support Happy Hour from the Tower)

45:20 — Episode #065: A Look at Raids and Dungeons from D2 (Part II)

  • Let’s talk about Dungeons….but FIRST….
    • What’s the priority put on Exotic Quests?
    • Tee loves the Whisper and Zero Hour missions…
    • …but he hates the countdown clocks.
    • Why not an explore mode for these maps?
  • Let’s see if we can pull this together…
  • The Dungeons of Destiny 2
    • The Shattered Throne (The Ascendant Plane of the Dreaming City)
    • The Pit of Heresy (The Scarlet Keep on the Moon)
    • Prophecy (The Realm of the Nine)
  • Tee’s little hang-up in the Cube Room…but his wingman’s got him.
  • For Brandon, it’s the pace and the feel of dungeon that keeps him coming back.
  • Tee loves the dungeon runs, but it can be hard to find people to run the whole dungeon.
  • There two types of players in Destiny 2
    • The players who want the experience
    • The players who want the gear and the bling ASAP
  • There’s a difference between using a checkpoint to help other people get gear versus using the checkpoint to pick up gear for themselves and for bragging rights.
  • come join Tee and Brandon on Saturdays around 11 a.m. on the PC side of things as they make a push for the Prophecy armor set.

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