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Episode #67: Looking Ahead to Beyond Light

With the Festival of the Lost winding down and anticipation building, Destiny 2: Beyond Light is drawing closer and closer. The Fireteam has watched the trailers, enjoyed the various teasers, and even considered some of the speculations online; but today, Tee, Nick, Brandon, and special guest Steve Saylor (who really wanted to come back and actually talk about Beyond Light)

We keep things tight for Episode #67…
but the after-show stream focuses on another big event in November. if you need additional details on what’s at stake.

You all know Steve as a voice for accessibility in gaming, sure, but Steve is also passionate about Destiny as you see in Blind Leads the Blind, a special run in the Solar System alongside Tee (and others) that happens on Tee’s stream Thursday nights starting at 7pm ET. In this episode, we share our hopes, expectations, and Nick’s copious notes on what is coming in November. Be brave, Guardians. Beyond Light is coming.

Share with us your thoughts at 703.791.1701, at, or in the Comments below; and feel free to leave Steve a message. He’ll be back, for sure.

00:00 — Episode #067: Looking Ahead to Beyond Light with Steve “The Blind Gamer” Saylor

  • Weren’t we going to talk about Beyond Light in the last episode?
  • And here’s Pip who really popped in on stream to say “hi” to her new wingman from Ghost of Tsushima: Legends
  • Nice to be able to know the adults can sometimes wear out the teenagers. Let’s goooooooo!!!
  • Expect TWO highlight reels this week, everyone.
  • A look back on the week…
    • Steve is still doing Canadian Black Ops via video games.
    • Nick is trying to grasp that there is less than a week until Halloween.
    • Both Nick and Brandon are rocking fine Destiny fashions. Watch the raw stream footage above, or go shopping here.
    • Tee’s still making progress on Luna’s Howl and enjoying the Haunted Forest (still) while job hunting.
    • And yes, Tee’s still working through the exhausting (but brilliant) The Last of Us: Part 2.
    • On the subject of traumatic moments of video games… (Ghost of Tsushima spoiler here.)
  • On this show, we are going to stay on track…
  • ….but Brandon knocks us off-topic with a spotlight on our guy, Steve Saylor; and Watchdogs: Legion.
  • Wait…Nick is getting us back on topic?
  • First Question to the Fireteam: What are we looking forward to?
    • Steve: New Revelations, New Locations, and New Supers
    • Brandon: Silence & Squall (Revenant Weapons), and the new direction of the Bungie Universe
    • Tee: Entering the Deep Stone Crypt
    • The Secret of Becoming a Sherpa: Making Mistakes and Dtying a Lot
    • Nick: Diving into the Lore of Europa
  • Thank you, Deej.
  • The new Tutorial character, and ideas for the Destiny soap opera…
  • 21 November 2020 — a new Raid is coming…
  • Nick will actually be in town when the new content drops!
  • Thoughts on Beyond Light‘s latest trailer…
  • How Beyond Light is a new “even ground” for all Guardians.
  • Beyond Light would actually have been Destiny 3 if Activision was still involved. This is Bungie on its own.
  • Great stuff is coming, delays considered. Better to be “a little late” and “right” than flawed on release.
  • Will Guardians be stepping in the middle of a Fallen Civil War?
    • The Guardians will not be the only ones with access to the Darkness
    • Will giving supers to the Fallen (and possibly other hostile races) make Destiny 2: Beyond Light a tougher game?
    • Brandon: “I hope Bungie gets mean for this DLC.”

39:44 — Ritual Motion
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40:50 — Episode #067: Looking Ahead to Beyond Light with Steve “The Blind Gamer” Saylor (Part II)

  • We love Steve Saylor. That is all.
  • Steve’s a favorite. Make no mistake.
  • Another look at Nick’s recent titles of Chronicler and Cursebreaker, and a shout-out to Brandon.
  • Our new goal for Blind Leads the Blind
  • The Guardian speaks in the trailer. Well, okay…
  • The Great Nerfing
    • Not losing sleep over the Mountaintop
    • Tee should get the Jotunn…but that means returning to the Black Armory. Ugh.
  • Words you never thought you’d hear from Tee: “I’m enjoying Comp.”
  • Concerning Hand Cannons, old favorites, old habits, and branching out.
Destiny 2
  • We take a lot of comments from TheBigMarvinski as he rocks it in chat with the questions and comments. (And we love that!)
  • Tee’s Go To Hand Cannons
    • Trust
    • The Old Fashioned
    • Service Revolver
    • Ace of Spades (Exotic)
  • Nerfing the Fallen Guillotine…and yeah, we totally get it.
  • Returning to Beyond Light
  • New characters and old, bringing out the speculation in us all
    • New Fallen enemies — who are they and how tough will they be?
    • The return of The Stranger
    • What is the connection between Eris Morn and The Drifter?
  • Remember the Allegiance Quest? Is Beyond Light the endgame for this?
    • Will the Allegiance Quest be a balanced choice?
    • There needs to be consequences between pledging to the Darkness and pledging to the Light.
    • Will there be exclusive weapons by your choice? Or perhaps catalysts?
  • What Destiny can learn from the design and development of The Last of Us, Part II
  • Lightning Round from Nick Kelly
    • What’s the next step in the Allegiance Quest?
    • Where are the Nine?
    • Will we see Savathun, Mara Sov, or both in Beyond Light?
    • Will we see Uldren Sov in Beyond Light?
    • What is the meaning of the Drifter’s coin?
    • Why does Eris smile at the end of Shadowkeep?
    • Will SIVA return between now and the next big DLC?
    • Will Ana Bray be the Hunter Vanguard?
    • From Steve…will there be another Speaker in Beyond Light? (And will the Darkness have a Speaker, as well?)
    • Will Factions ever matter again?
    • When will Sparrow Racing League (SRL) return?
  • And in closing — vote!
    • Tee’s already voted!
    • Want to find out more about where to vote in your area? Then go visit!

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