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Episode #68: Blinded Beyond the Light

IT’S FINALLY HERE! Destiny 2: Beyond Light dropped a week ago today, and the Fireteam has come together to sound off on what they think of it. Tee, Nick, Brandon, and special guest Steve Saylor (who felt that it was only just he return to talk about Beyond Light since he was there on Launch Day) deep dive into this latest expansion.

Instead of struggling with DMCA, we went with the raw start. No music. Just us.

In case you missed the 411 on Steve, he’s a voice for accessibility in gaming, sure, and loves Destiny as you experience in Blind Leads the Blind, a special run in the Solar System alongside Tee (and others) that happens on Tee’s stream Thursday nights starting at 7pm ET.

So what do you think of Beyond Light? Share with us your thoughts at 703.791.1701, at, or in the Comments below; and feel free to leave Steve a message. He’s sultry, you know?

00:00 — Episode #068: Blinded Beyond the Light with Steve “The Blind Gamer” Saylor

  • Russians want to make Tee famous! Hot damn!
  • I wonder if Dreamy Matt Mercer has a nickname for him…and if he doesn’t, we have made one for him!
  • One week into Beyond Light
    • Steve feels like he’s playing an all-new Destiny while still remaining in the continuing saga of the Destiny Universe.
    • Brandon feels the push forward from all the previous storytelling and loves this big step Bungie is taking with Destiny.
    • “We should do more live events.” — Brandon
    • Tee may have found the expansion that tops Rise of Iron. Europa is a stunning masterpiece of game design, both above and below ground.
    • Tee’s modest tip: Don’t miss out on the content of Beyond Light while doing the seasonal challenges.
    • But, Tee, how do you really feel about Stasis?
  • Nick takes the mic concerning Beyond Light
    • While many of the recent expansions feels formulaic, this one does not, beginning with removing half the map.
    • A deeper look at Eramis who is turning on machine, turning on the Traveler; and there is a twinge of sympathy for the devil.
  • The murky lore surrounding the Traveler
  • Does the Traveler believe in us, or is this entity more about self-preservation?
  • The Darkness is a very different super from what we are used to, and there are consequences we have not grappled with yet.
  • A first impression of Stasis
    • Brandon is enjoying the new subclass, but feels the Hunter version of Stasis is not roaming as the other classes in their control.
    • Nick is having a good time with the Titan Stasis…provided he knows how to aim himself.
    • The desire to return to the Light? That’s going to be a character-driven thing.
    • Steve echoes what Nick and Brandon think — more practice is needed.
    • A huge selling point for Stasis: making platforms with grenades.
  • And there’s Nick, looking to start up trouble…

35:18 — Gnarly Nerd Clothing
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36:38 — Episode #068: Blinded Beyond the Light with Steve “The Blind Gamer” Saylor (Part II)

  • We love Steve Saylor. That is all.
  • When you see Osiris in the Bazaar, say “Hey!”
  • Wanna be part of the show? Hey, we stream this puppy at
    • Responding to ResonantMoon in Chat, there is no better time to jump into Destiny 2 than now with Beyond Light.
    • Brandon raves about the new tutorial with Beyond Light.
    • Getting to know Shaw Han is more than a Destiny tutorial, but a quest in itself.
    • There is still a good reason to go back and perform previous expansions like Forsaken and Shadowkeep.
  • We (the original Fireteam) have been playing this game for a long time.
    • Destiny can make a real impression on you, especially when running with friends.
    • Even Bungie now calls this game an MMO, and you feel that even more with Beyond Light.
    • Shout-out to TheBigMarvinski, one of the stand-out’s in the Destiny Community
  • Do you need to get caught up in the backstory of Destiny?
  • Destinypedia
  • The Ishtar Collective
  • Myelin Games
  • …and here’s an epic approach from Byf:
  • What do we think of the new weapons in Beyond Light, so far?
    • No Time to Explain (complete with Time Warp Buddy)
    • Duality (Exotic Shotgun)
    • Bonechiller (Legendary Shotgun)
    • Subzero Salvo (Legendary Rocket Launcher)
    • Steve is still not letting go of his Trinity Ghoul, though.
    • Pour one out for the Hammerhead and the 21% Delirium.
    • Brandon chimes in on Adored and Salvation’s Grip, which offers a ridiculously fun course.
  • Paul Tassi brought to the Fireteam’s attention a build where the Necrotic Grips which apparently works with the Thorn. We thought it was a bug. Nope. It’s a feature!
  • It’s kind of nice facing challenge on challenge, even with those Lost Sectors!
  • What are we looking forward to?
    • Looking to the return of characters from the past
    • Weekly resets where we get new opportunities to unlock new features
    • Wait, did Tee just have a “Wash dies!” moment for Destiny?
    • No love for the Seraph Towers with this Fireteam.
    • New Lore! (Mad props for the new UI for lore in game.)
    • And there’s more coming, so hang on, Guardian.

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