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Episode #69 (Dudes!): Season of the Hunt and the Deep Stone Crypt (with Raid Maestro, TheBigMarvinski)

Tee, TheBigMarvinski, Brandon, and Nick at GuardianCon 2018

What a week your Fireteam has enjoyed, one of many reasons our usual bi-weekly schedule hit a bump. The Season of the Hunt is upon us along with the launch of the long-awaited new raid, the Deep Stone Crypt. And congratulations to those folks from clan Luminous:

  • Aoterra  
  • Claw  
  • Flux  
  • Schendzie  
  • SiegeDancers  
  • Sotosolice 

…completing this incredible journey of challenges and lore in 5:29:10! Let’s go!!! 

And when it comes to raids, TheBigMarvinski is no stranger to the experience, which is why the Fireteam invited him for this episode. If you frequent Tee’s stream, you know Marv has helped Tee become a better Guardian, and now runs with Tee and Brandon in the Deep Stone Crypt. These three in the first week of the raid’s availability have run Europa’s latest challenge several times, and we feature our own perspectives here!

Have you run Deep Stone Crypt? What do you think of it? Enjoying the Wrathborn Hunts? Share with us your thoughts at 703.791.1701, at, or in the Comments below.

00:00 — Episode #069 (Dudes!): Season of the Hunt and Deep Stone Crypt (with special guest, TheBig Marvinski!)

  • Welcome back, Marv!
  • Who is TheBigMarvinski?
    • Three-year streamer
    • Long-time gamer with a penchant for Destiny
    • Effs up your world when taking on the role of a goose
  • Jumping in straight away with Marv.
    • Europa as a sandbox continues to deliver.
    • Marv thinks the core activities need attention
    • What is “The Loop” when it comes to Destiny 2
      • Obtain Pinnacles…
      • …then go for Powerfuls…
      • …all while charging the Lure.
  • Brandon ranks Beyond Light compared to previous DLCs
    • The New Light Quest: Brandon’s ran it, and he respects it.
    • Tee derails with politics and hydration.
    • Enjoying the ride across Europa
  • Nick chimes in on the resolution of a long-dangling plotline.
    • Our local loremaster looks at the evolution of Uldren Sov from concept to the Wrathborn Hunts.
    • We’ve had the Crow on this show, and we have now come full circle.
  • Tee still has a deep love for Europa
    • Europa is what Titan should have been.
    • The deeper we descend into this Jovian moon, the more discoveries we make…
    • …and the more twisted the mystery becomes.
    • Tee agrees with Marv on the strange place Crow’s bounties fit into the Daily Grind.
  • A deeper dive into The Loop
    • If you’re new, just play the game.
    • If you’re trying to get Endgame Content ready (i.e. the Deep Stone Crypt), the Loop flows differently.
      • Play the game, finish the main campaign.
      • Grind to 1200-1210
      • Run for Pinnacles
      • Run for Powerfuls
      • Marv’s mistake: Going on Weapon Quest too soon.
  • Brandon’s perspective on the Exotic Quests
    • Tee, do you need a nap? (We had raided earlier in the morning.)
    • Behind the scenes with Nolan North who is too good at his job…
  • An improvement in exotic quests: An appeal to the casual player.
  • A missed detail: The lore behind the weapons, the activities, and everything in the game.
    • This is the Birth of the Exos
    • READ. THE. LORE.
    • Pip and I are overdue for one of these…
  • So much good lore…
    • The Deactivated Exo Quest
    • Elsie’s Lost Logs in the Deep Stone Crypt
    • On behalf of Nick, we will state this again: READ. THE. LORE.
  • Get ready — we’re heading into the Deep Stone Crypt!

23:24 — Ritual Motion
(Use this link to support Happy Hour from the Tower)

24:28 — Episode #069 (Dudes!): Season of the Hunt and Deep Stone Crypt (with special guest, TheBig Marvinski!) (Part II)

Tee and Brandon, set on their first DSC clear
  • The Big Marvinski on the Second Encounter of the Deep Stone Crypt
    • And now you know why we love running with Marv!
    • A problematic Second Encounter
    • Nick reflects on the Raid Ring push
      • Brandon Kelly, the Voice of Reason
      • Tee’s Raid Wingman and Ultimate BAE
    • Concerning Team Comms and their importance in Raids
  • The Fireteam on Deep Stone Crypt
    • While it may be considered easy by some, it isn’t if your Team Comms are not clear, concise, and focused.
    • Tee offers a look at running Scanner that first time
    • Tee’s Pro Tip: Know the difference between LEFT and MARCHING BAND LEFT.
    • Brandon sings the praises for Deep Stone Crypt.
    • Nick argues, based the numbers, that maybe this Raid is not as tough as others; but that’s a good thing.
  • Why Tee is so giddy over Deep Stone Crypt:
  • A few things to know about the run for Cloudstrike…
  • More things about the Deep Stone Crypt that Tee loves
    • Pushing out of the comfort zone to take on a role
    • Tee’s new favorite map: The Spacewalk
    • Tee’s new favorite score selection: Deep Stone Lullaby
  • Final thoughts on where Destiny 2: Beyond Light is currently sitting and where we are going…

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