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Episode #70: Welcome to Season of the Chosen

It has been a while since our last podcast. Between holidays, elections, attempted insurrections, inaugurations, and trying to figure out when to schedule a Faucci Ouchie, the Fireteam has been grinding through to reach the Season of the Chosen.

Today, that is what we are here to talk about:

At the time of this recording, the Fireteam has gone through the first week of the Chosen, as well as a Clan Night run in the Deep Stone Crypt. We are, of course talking only the day before Bungie dropped the Dead Man’s Tale quest which Forbes‘ Paul Tassi calls “Bungie at its Best” which, yes, the Fireteam concurs. We will circle around to that and more in our next show.

What do you think of The Season of the Chosen so far? Share with us your thoughts at 703.791.1701, at, or in the Comments below.

00:00 — Episode #070: Welcome to Season of the Chosen

  • We’ve got a few things to talk about on this episode, so buckle in.
  • Brandon looks back on Clan Night
  • The Challenges cleared with Current Meta this weekend
    • Clan Night
    • Devoid of the Rest (where everyone runs Void)
    • Red Rover
Take a look at the “Best Of” Moments from Clan Night in the DSC here!
  • Why are we clocking in the time with the Deep Stone Crypt?
    • Running for the Descendant Seal & Title
    • Tee’s run for this would mark his first-ever raid seal. A set of firsts concerning Tee and raids.
  • Shout out to the members of Current Meta who ran with us…
    • Beardo (who, recently, suffered a loss in his family. Our Ghosts shine a little brighter for you, Guardian.)
    • Danfinity, a last-minute substitution
    • Jenn
    • MisterDunes
    • Swing by Current Meta and see what we are up to!
  • And a quick shout-out to GuardiansMH, in case you are having a rough go in this weird time we are in.
  • Nick steps in with his copious notes on the new, fresh content from Bungie.
    • We’re going Cabals-deep, once again.
    • Caitl and Zavala face off, and she is showing off her tusks. (Cheeky lass.)
    • Bad things happen when you bend the knee…
  • Let’s talk about Battlegrounds!
    • In the story, it is a ceremony who are looking to ascend to the War Council and Guardians are looking to gum up the works.
    • Two Battlegrounds introduced:
      • Behemoth (Nessus)
      • Hailstone (Europa)
      • … and coming soon at the time of recording: The Cleansing (now active in the EDZ)
    • Remember to look BEHIND the loot chest for the bonus chests.
  • Tee has been super happy with Battlegrounds.
    • Brandon admits the even gets tough if you’re not mowing down those adds.
    • This grind feels better than the Wrathborn Hunts. (Both are still better than those stupid towers…)
  • A few tips on leveling your character
    • Run for Powerfuls
    • Run for Pinnacles
    • Don’t forget: With Battlegrounds, you can potentially farm them for three Powerfuls.
  • Huge props to the direction for Crow
    • From Uldren to Crow to Crow 2.0
    • …and this is Brandon’s next cosplay!
  • We’re no longer Guardians but Agents of H.E.L.M.
  • It’s all in the details: Bungie makes some Quality of Life changes throughout the game that feel just right.
  • A deeper look between Wrathborn Hunts and Battlegrounds
  • The return of the Devil’s Lair
  • A callback to the earlier show note about the potential three Powerfuls you can get from Battlegrounds.

32:12 Gnarly Nerd Clothing
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33:30 — Episode #070: Welcome to Season of the Chosen (Part II)

  • A few notes on Bottom Dollar, the new Gambit Hand Cannon
    • Consider having a Reloader mod for it
    • Shoots slow, hits HARD
  • A question from Sophie in Chat: What is your favorite loadout or weapon of choice in Destiny 2?
    • FOR NICK: Lead with a hand cannon and either a bow and sword/rocket launcher (unless he leads with shotgun, and then his energy is a hand cannon)
    • Nick, taking Marv to task…
    • FOR BRANDON: The Extraordinary Rendition, finding a place in his primary; hand cannon in energy, and either for Power a Fallen Guillotine or Eyes of Tomorrow. (Tee hates B now.)
    • FOR TEE: I have a security blanket in Primary for either Outbreak Perfected or the Monte Carlo, but now the Extraordinary Rendition is a welcome addition. For Energy, Posterity (Hand Cannon), Gnawing Hunger (Auto Rifle), and the Trustee (Scout Rifle). For fun, I use Trinity Ghoul or [REDACTED] (Exotic Bows). In Power, Commemoration (Machine Gun) and Anarchy (Grenade Launcher).
  • SQUAD GOALS: Get Steve “The Blind Gamer” Saylor the Chosen title and seal.
  • Ticcu’s Divination: The Solar Trinity Ghoul…and it’s delightful!
  • The Perspectus Armor set
    • See above. Nick hates it, but Brandon loves it.
    • The idea of making armor designs based on history
    • There’s nothing wrong with trying something new, something different
  • Brandon confirms new Stasis Aspects and Fragments. Get to grinding for those!
  • What we want to accomplish in this new season
    • Along with the Descendant title, Tee wants to make a push for the Conquerer seal
    • Where does my joy in the game reside: PvE or PvP?
      • Nick — Doesn’t care for PvP
      • Brandon — A PvE/PvP Flex
      • Tee — loves PvE, but appreciates PvP
  • Thoughts on the new interface with Quests
  • Hi, Emma!
  • Bungie decides NOT to expand Cosmodrome. The Fireteam chimes in on that change in direction and the direction we’re heading presently.
  • Closing thoughts on Nick’s notes, including a shout-out to the Equal Justice Initiative who are the recipient of funds raised with the Be Heard pin at the Bungie Store.

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