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Episode 71: The Fireteam Returns with Season of the Lost

To say, it’s been a while would be an understatement. (I looked at the title of our last show and thought “Ouch!”) With technical difficulties overcome, a new job incorporated into the mix, and hopefully a look ahead as to what we are going to talk about, the Fireteam finally return to say “O hai, Guardian! I can haz crozzplay?”

The Fireteam is ready to rock and roll today:

We recorded this episode the first week after the Season of the Lost (and that was when the technical difficulty hit), and the Fireteam is here to give you all first impressions of what will be a VERY long season. We also give you our look at The Witch Queen, along with this bonus episode:

We recorded this “Lost Sector” back in May with Bungie’s Voice Director and friend-of-the-stream, Kevin McMullen. This was the Fireteam’s first attempt to get back into the swing of a schedule; but dramatic changes swung into effect for all of us. So as a way to say “Thank you, Guardians…” for being patient and sticking around with us. here’s a bonus episode where Kevin comes in and shares a look at a creative’s life in lockdown. Thank you, Kevin, for coming into the stream. We hope to have you back again.

What do you think of The Season of the Lost so far? And what are you excited for with The Witch Queen? And how has crossplay changed Destiny for you? Share with us your thoughts at 703.791.1701, at, or in the Comments below.

00:00 — Episode #071: Welcome to Season of the Lost

  • The Fireteam is back!
    • Tee
    • Nick
    • Brandon
    • Steve
  • Steve’s Race for the Descendant
    • Big props to TheBigMarvinski
    • One more triumph…
  • What about these challenges?
    • 3rd Encounter Challenge: Of All Trades
    • 1st Encounter Challenger: Red Rover
  • Stories from the Deep Stone Crypt
  • How this Race began
  • Brandon takes a breath from Destiny after picking up the Splicer seal
  • Nick pulls off a first in getting the Splicer seal all on his own!
    • Titan loves Overrides
  • An unexpected hiatus
  • Returning to the mics because…last week!
  • First impressions of Season of the Lost
    • “Be careful what you wish for, Parker.”
    • Pacing yourself in the new season (because it’s gonna be a long season)
  • So much to cover, but let’s take a break!

27:31 — Gnarly Nerd Clothing (Use “HHFTT10” and receive 10% off your order.)

28:50 — Looking Ahead to The Witch Queen

  • DrLupo and Intel Gaming: DSC with Orchestral Accompaniment
    • This is the way I want to game from here on. LOL
    • Brandon’s musician perspective
    • Nick will always love this score
    • Steve was the most meta of the Fireteam…
    • Man, spacewalking with an orchestra. Not easy…but Lupo could do it.
    • A moment of Lupo Love
  • Marching Band Right!!!
  • It was a good week for Bungie on Steam last week…
  • Returning to Season of the Lost
    • Mara Sov returns
    • Osiris-sus Revealed
    • Tee’s got a theory…but is shot down mercilessly.
    • But that’s okay…Tee’s got ANOTHER theory.
  • Diving into Gameplay
    • How about that infinite ammo? And as Steve is a combat-bow-kind-of-guy…
    • Tee, for one, welcomes the Season of the Fusion
    • It’s finally here: CROSSPLAY!!!
    • This Fireteam, on Night One of crossplay, ran the full court press and it was smooth
    • The Fireteam’s choice for comms: Discord
  • Bungie’s 30th Anniversary, heralding the Gallahorn’s return and a new dungeon
  • Thank you, NERF!
  • Where do we begin with The Witch Queen?
    • Find out more about weapons crafting with this TWAB
    • Thoughts invoked from the Glaive
  • The Wolftone Draw Lore, read by Steve Saylor
Destiny 2_20190110051034

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