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Do you have a podcast, media stream, or radio show? Are you a fan of Destiny? Are you a fan of our show? (If yes to that one, thanks for listening!) Then if your show has a place for promotional spots, here are promos that sum up what we are all about here at the Tower.

To save them on to your drive,
right-click on the audio player
and select the “Save As” option
from the drop down menu. 

Promo #1: Spence is Your Ghost (00:48)
A Ghost has something they want to share with you. Listen up, Guardian, because it’s important!

Promo #2: Welcome to Destiny (00:40)
This promo is done in the vein of Destiny, Year One. All the pageantry and wonder of that first year…and then these knuckleheads come along.

Promo #3: The Red War Promo (00:56)
Dominus Ghaul and the Red Legion have invaded Earth, seeking the Traveler’s Light. It falls upon three Guardians to save us all.

We are so screwed.